When petroleum products or other industrial pollutants are discovered in soil and groundwater, our remediation team has the expertise and experience to not only provide innovative cleanup solutions but to also guide industries through the monitoring, forms and reporting required by state and federal environmental agencies. Equipped with our own excavators, backhoes, and other essential equipment, we can remove the contaminated water and soil, treat it and recycle it as part of one efficient, integrated process.

More importantly, we can do all of this without disturbing your site or normal operations.  Our in-house experts have experience with a wide array of remedial technologies including, but not limited to, bio-remediaton, bio-augmentation, bio-sparging, multi-phase extraction, and ozone injection.  Specifically, our innovative trailer-mounted dual-phase extraction systems use liquid ring pumps to treat contaminated groundwater on site, eliminating the cost of transporting water to a treatment facility. These systems can run continuously until remediation is complete, and are then removed from the site quickly and easily.


Backhoe at remediation site