Before beginning a construction project, it’s important to test the physical properties of soil and rock on the build site. By evaluating the site for soil strength, percolation rates and other subsurface conditions, the construction project can be more predictable, often leading to a faster, less expensive builds. In some localities, certain types of testing are required before breaking ground, such as the shrink-swell properties of soils.

Using our powerful but compact drill rig, our soil scientists can provide the answers you need. From homes to schools, restaurants to commercial buildings, industrial sites to apartment complexes, we have provided geotechnical and subsurface investigations for a variety of clients preparing to build on an array of foundations.

Not only do we have the experience and expertise, we also have the unique capabilities to drill:

  • indoors under operating factory conditions
  • on steep or wooded terrain
  • to depths of 120 feet using a SIMCO trailer-mountain drill rig
  • rock core to a depth of 50 feet

Our drilling services provide peace of mind, giving you the information you need to approach your build wisely and within regulations.


large drill rig Drilling with our Little Rig
Outdoor drilling on steep or wooded terrain
Indoor drilling under operating factory conditions