Spill Response Project

On a sunny Friday in February, a fuel truck containing 2200 gallons of home heating oil ran off of a narrow road, rolled down a steep embankment, and landed upside down in a creek approximately 500 feet from where the creek entered a major recreational waterway. The driver escaped unharmed, but the fuel began to seep out of the truck, and risked contaminating the creek, the nearby lake, and the surrounding soil.The owner of the truck immediately contacted Simon & Associates, who coordinated the cleanup operations. Heavy equipment, including a crane and two vacuum tanker trucks were dispatched to the site. Emergency response teams from Simon & Associates, an emergency response subcontractor, and the local fire department cooperatively contained the initial seepage using absorbent pads, absorbent booms, and underflow dams.When the vacuum tanker trucks arrived on site, Simon & Associates personnel removed the recoverable fuel oil from the truck’s fuel compartments. Most of the compartments had not ruptured during the accident, so all but traces of the fuel were recovered. One front compartment was ruptured by a rock in the stream. When that compartment was opened from above, fuel oil rushed out of the hole in the bottom and into the stream.

A vacuum tanker truck was positioned and ready just downstream to catch the bulk of the fuel that escaped the truck. Absorbent booms and pads and underflow dams recovered the traces of fuel that escaped the vacuum truck.

The truck was lifted by crane out of the creek and righted. The last traces of fuel from the truck were cleaned after the truck was righted.

Simon & Associates personnel monitored the booms and pads throughout the night and following day until no more fuel was being recovered. Contaminated soil immediately adjacent to the accident was removed the following day.

Nearly all the product was recovered within twenty-four hours of the accident. Only the smallest traces of the 2200 gallons of fuel escaped to the lake, only about 500 feet downstream.

As a full service environmental firm, Simon & Associates can respond to emergency situations, coordinate cleanup operations with subcontractors, and manage state-required reporting from spill response through regulator closure.