Heating Oil Cleanup Project

Heating Oil Page PhotoIn April 2002, a local County Fire Department received a complaint of petroleum in the ditch along a rural road. An investigation conducted by Simon & Associates, Inc. determined that the petroleum in the ditch had leaked from a 275-gallon above ground storage tank (AST) line located underneath a rental property. The petroleum migrated from beneath the house on the shallow water table and seeped into the ditch.

Upon arrival, we were able to explain the VDEQ program to the owner and convince him to take the necessary actions. We were able to immediately crawl under the house, determine that a line had leaked at the furnace, and verify that oil had migrated into the soil to a perched water table where it discharged at the road ditch. The VDEQ was notified of the heating oil release at the rental property. On that day, Simon & Associates, Inc. provided emergency response/initial abatement actions and excavated approximately sixty-two (62.16) tons of soil in front of the rental property and in the ditch along the rural road. Soil samples were collected at selected locations to determine residual phase petroleum constituent concentrations in the excavated soil and in the unexcavated soils.

Because of the location of part of the plume under the house, we also immediately installed four (4) groundwater monitoring wells. The groundwater wells were used as extraction wells for the liquid ring pump (LRP) system, which operated for two (2) months. The TPH-DRO concentrations decreased significantly in all four (4) monitoring wells during the operational period.

A door-to-door sensitive receptor survey was conducted within a one thousand (1000) foot radius of the site. The receptor survey did not identify any human or non-human receptors at risk. All area residents are serviced by a municipal water supply. This site was granted a no-further-action status by the VDEQ.

With the cooperation of the VDEQ, the Responsible Party, and our staff’s response, a negative situation was quickly resolved to result in a timely and successful clean-up.