Commercial Tank Work Project

Commercial Tank PullA petroleum release was documented during a phase II real-estate transaction investigation at a gasoline convenience store in south-west Virginia. Corporate dissolution of the responsible party resulted in a significant period of inactivity for implementation of corrective action at the site. The site investigation was conducted by others until August 2002. Simon & Associates, Inc. was retained in August 2002 by the current site owner to gauge and sample all monitoring wells. Free product was present in five (5) monitoring wells at the site. With help from Simon & Associates, Inc. the current sit owner opted to become the responsible party.

Simon & Associates, Inc. initiated additional site characterization and installed a sub-slab ventilation system to remove the gasoline vapors from an office space, which had apparently been experiencing petroleum odors for several years. The vapor problem was effectively mitigated by the sub-slab ventilation system. No other potential human receptors were identified to be at risk at the site. A river which serves at the water supply for downstream municipalities was, directly adjacent to the site is the only identified non-human receptor.

A Corrective Action Plan recommending dual phase extraction (DPE) was submitted to the VDEQ. Simon & Associates, Inc. designed the DPE system with bio-reactors to treat the petroleum contaminated effluent generated during remediation. Coordination and monitoring of the discharge of the effluent from the DPE system was achieved through the Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) permit process. DPE operation was implemented and the system operated continuously from 2003 through 2005 and for an additional calendar quarter from March through May 2007. Free product did not return to any monitoring wells following dual phase extraction. During this time, the DPE system removed 3,931 lbs. of vapor and dissolved phase product.

The client implemented an upgrade to the UST system in October 2003. This upgrade included a complete replacement of all USTs and product lines. Simon & Associates, Inc. removed all five (5) underground storage tanks (USTs) from the site during October 2003. Following removal of the tanks, approximately seven hundred eighty-five (785.22) tons of petroleum-contaminated soil was removed from the two (2) tank pits, dispenser island areas, and beneath the product lines. A new UST system was installed by a separate contractor and the facility was back in service.

By effectively understanding and utilizing the Virginia Tank Fund in cooperation with both the land owner and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ); Simon & Associates, Inc. was able to effectively complete characterization of the site in a timely manner and move the site to corrective action. The site was granted regulatory closure on November 25, 2008.