Our clients include rural homeowners dealing with a spill from a rusted heating oil tank and industries in need of stormwater permitting; they are engineering firms evaluating a potential build site for a new school and municipalities working to be ethical stewards of their region’s environment.

Whether our clients are individuals with a small project or industries with extensive needs, our commitment is to professionalism, care and concern. At Simon & Associates, we respect and value all of our clients, approaching each project with the technical expertise and attention to detail on which we pride ourselves.

We don’t just fix problems. With our vertical integration of services, we stay with our clients from notifying regulators of an issue through conducting reports, doing necessary cleanup, providing ongoing monitoring and any other services that helps them get back to where they need to be, whether it’s a fully-functioning facility or a re-sodded landscape.

Our efficient, intelligent, results-driven technicians provide the services our clients need with the responsiveness our clients deserve.