About Us

Founded in 1986, Simon & Associates, Inc. provides environmental consulting and contracting services for clients in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Based in Blacksburg, Virginia, we are one of the leading full-service environmental consulting firms in the region.  We pride ourselves on:

  • Professionalism, in our work and in the care we give to our clients. We respect and value each client, and treat each project with individual, specialized attention.
  • Technical competence, demonstrated by our specially-trained team of technicians and professional staff.
  • Efficiency, keeping our eye on the big picture so that we’re not just fixing a problem, we are providing a comprehensive solution.
  • Expertise, earned by more than 25 years of daily experience in the field with a variety of clients and concerns.
  • Vertical integration, so that our clients can work with one contractor from initial regulatory notification to cleanup and site closure.

Our mission is to provide safe, high quality, efficient services for each client.